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Raising the Bar: The Non-Alcoholic Beverage Revolution

Remember when not drinking alcohol was about as popular as a flip phone at a Gen Z party? Yeah, well, pour one out for the good ol’ days, because the world has caught on to the non-alcoholic beverage trend. Or should I say, don’t pour one out? Anyway, listen up: non-alcoholic beverages are in, and they’ve evolved from just a sad, flat soda at a bar to an array of sophisticated options that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been relegated to the kids’ table.

Why the shift, you ask? Well, maybe people got tired of waking up with regret and a headache the size of Texas.

What’s Fueling the NA Beverage Trend?

Why is everyone suddenly ditching their boozy counterparts for something lighter? Well, for starters, the health benefits. Reduced caloric intake, zero hangovers, and less strain on your liver. Plus so many of us are increasingly focusing on wellness and mental clarity. Staying in control while enjoying yourself is becoming a new kind of cool. Trust me, the feeling of waking up refreshed the morning after a party is a game-changer.

Bringing Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Parker + Scott

You might be wondering why we’re suddenly obsessed with non-alcoholic beverages. Well, it’s simple, y’all. Austin is a city that thrives on individuality and community. It’s about embracing everyone’s unique journey. That’s why we’re adding a non-alcoholic section to our shop right here in the heart of the ATX. This isn’t just a tip of the hat to some passing trend; it’s a bona fide commitment to Austin’s inclusive spirit.

It is for the expecting mom, the designated driver for the night, or maybe the person just trying out Sober October. We’ve got you covered. With a selection that includes local Austin-based brands like Surely and Kin Euphorics, we’re serving up a piece of local culture that leaves no one out. Because of that, we’re dedicating a whole section to non-alcoholic beverages that span the spectrum: wines, beers, mocktails, and aperitifs.

Spotlight on Brands: The All-Stars of NA

Weekday Vibes

Let’s talk Weekday Vibes—the brand that embodies the term “infinite sippability.” It’s like the universe decided that your typical Wednesday deserves a flavor explosion that doesn’t carry the burden of a Thursday hangover. Created with natural ingredients and a sense of urban flair, it’s a drink that makes any weekday feel like the weekend.


Now, enter Ghia—the drink that aims to add a splash of serenity to your daily chaos. Whether you’re watching a sunset or transitioning from work to leisure, Ghia wants to be your go-to relaxation companion. It’s a sensory experience that doesn’t numb your senses but rather enriches them. Think of it as mindfulness in a bottle.

Surely (Austin-Based)

Speaking of local Austin favorites, here’s Surely—a brand that takes your love for wine and elevates it to a non-alcoholic level. Crafted by experts with a decade of experience, Surely promises an unmatched wine experience that allows you to be the life of the party and still wake up feeling great.

Kin Euphorics (Also Austin-Based)

Also hailing from Austin is Kin Euphorics—a drink that’s basically the Swiss Army knife of wellness. With adaptogens for stress relief, nootropics for mental clarity, and botanics for a spiritual boost, it’s a trifecta of benefits in a single sip. Imagine activating all your chakras without having to do a single downward dog.

The Health Benefits of Going Non-Alcoholic

But let’s get serious for a moment. This non-alcoholic movement isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle change with palpable benefits. You’re looking at improved sleep patterns, a noticeable glow in your skin, and a significant drop in empty calories consumed. Plus, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room—or should I say, the missing elephant? No more embarrassing or regrettable moments fueled by too much alcohol.

Ready for Sober October?

With fall colors painting the landscape and a chill in the air, what better time than Sober October to jump on the NA bandwagon? Parker + Scott makes it easy with its extensive selection, offering everything from robust non-alcoholic wines to zesty mocktails. Whether you’re a skeptic wanting to dip your toes or a full-on convert, there’s something for you.

Take the Next Sip

This Sober October, venture into the sophisticated world of non-alcoholic beverages. Discover your new favorites at Parker + Scott, and who knows, you might just find that the sober life is far from sobering—it’s downright exhilarating.